The Little Voices


Everyone has overcome obstacles, financial, physical, emotional, or otherwise.  When you consider what you have overcome, remind yourself of how short life is and appreciate it.

Nurture relationships by by setting clear, fair, and reasonable boundaries; it is a good investment in your future. Your boss is not going to love you past your job tenure; other relationships are important.  Your children will not be young forever; trust that time does fly and you will miss the crazy messy days. Drive the cheap, reliable car; you will appreciate the new one all the more when it arrives. Find time to nurture and love yourself and you will find that you are loved in return.

We all have value and deserve love and serenity.  Please don’t listen to the negative voice in your head about what was lost, mistakes made, or what you don’t have.  Listen to the positive voice that encourages you, celebrates your successes, and recognizes how far you have come.  Listen to the voice that tells you that you will get what you want and deserve in all things.  Pray, breathe, and believe in the blessings.



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