Fall Colors and My Future

Yesterday I went on a five mile hike. This is quite an achievement for me and only the second time I have done it. This time I was alone. It was on the dismal swamp bike trail in North Carolina. The trail is easy to walk because it is paved but I kept up a good clip and worked up a good sweat. It was nice to be outside in the midst of all the changing fall colors.

As I looked ahead at the path opening up before me, there were trees of various heights, with various colored leaves, reaching for the sky. It had rained and the path was covered with wet colorful fallen leaves of all shapes and sizes. This picture was reminiscent of my state of mind. My thoughts could be described the same way. On the one hand, I have strong thoughts and convictions that guide me through life. These thoughts keep me strong regardless of the severity of the storm. Other thoughts feel real and positive, but are truly lifeless. I cling to things that I should release because I want to believe they serve a purpose but they are ambiguous.

These ambiguous things can be whisked away with little effort like the wind will blow away the beautiful yet dead dry leaves. This fall vision caused me to pause and honestly consider my future. I must have faith that I will find what I need and release what is not serving a purpose today. I’ve made this type of transition before, but it is more painful this time because I am losing my best friend. The fact is some relationships are meant to serve a purpose for a short period of time and I have held on too long. Fall Walk and My Future


One thought on “Fall Colors and My Future

  1. Some relationships are meant to be stepping stones to ones future, achievements and dreams. Live, love, and learn from these as they will only teach you to follow the true meanings of what is yet to come.

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